Universal Replacement Brake Boosters


Walton Fabrication offers  7” and 8” single and dual diaphragm boosters.  All boosters are available in a standard gold zinc finish and most are available in chrome and stainless.  These Boosters have a standard mounting bolt pattern, which allows them to interchange and work with a host of mounting brackets when required.  Walton Fabrication also offers  a complete line of the highest quality mounting brackets and hardware to complement just about any installation.

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Upgrade to power with one of Walton Fabrication’s  brake boosters. All boosters are brand new and are available in both brilliant gold cadmium plating or a production chrome. Universal street rod applications have a 4 bolt mounting pattern that is 3-3/8″ square and accept a master cylinder that has a 3-3/8″ spread. All boosters come with a long and short pin for either deep or shallow master cylinders.

7SRB 7” Single Diaphragm, gold cad
7SRB-BL 7″ Single Diaphragm, black e-coat
7SRB-C 7″ Single Diaphragm, chrome
7DSRB 7” Dual Diaphragm, gold cad
7DSRB-BL 7″ Dual Diaphragm, black e-coat
7DSRB-C 7” Dual Diaphragm, chrome
8SRB 8” Single Diaphragm, gold cad
8SRB-BL 8″ Single Diaphragm, black e-coat
8SRB-C 8” Single Diaphragm, chrome
8DSRB 8” Dual Diaphragm, gold cad
8DSRB-BL 8″ Dual Diaphragm, black e-coat
8DSRB-C 8″ Dual Diaphragm, chrome

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Weight 9.0 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in
Brake Booster

7SRB 7” Single Diaphragm, gold cad, 7SRB-BL 7" Single Diaphragm, black e-coat, 7SRB-C 7" Single Diaphragm, chrome, 7DSRB 7” Dual Diaphragm, gold cad, 7DSRB-BL 7" Dual Diaphragm, black e-coat, 7DSRB-C 7” Dual Diaphragm, chrome, 8SRB 8” Single Diaphragm, gold cad, 8SRB-BL 8" Single Diaphragm, black e-coat, 8SRB-C 8” Single Diaphragm, chrome, 8DSRB 8” Dual Diaphragm, gold cad, 8DSRB-BL 8" Dual Diaphragm, black e-coat, 8DSRB-C 8" Dual Diaphragm, chrome