Brake Metering Valve with Lines and Mounting Bracket


GM Disc/Drum  Proportioning Valve With Driver Side Mounting Bracket With 1/2-20, 9/16-18 Outlet

        This non-adjustable proportioning valve is similar to 70’s GM valves and provide OEM appearance

  • This block incorporates metering for front brakes and proportioning for rear brakes into one unit
  • For use with disc front and disc rear brake systems

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When upgrading your stock drum brake system to a disc brake system, a proportioning valve is needed to ensure that proper am ount of brake fluid pressure is going to the front and rear wheels.   We offer both fixed and adjustable proportioning valves for disc/drum and disc/disc systems.  Residual check valves are needed when using an adjustable valve.   This kit mounting bracket mounts  the valve on the driver side of the master cylinder as it is mounted on the firewall.  Comes with pre-bent lines from the master cylinder to the valve, mounting bracket and of course, the valve.   We also suggest using our valve adjusting tool as well, # SP015130

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in